Cardio Kung Fu Video - DVD

Liz Weaver, fitness instructor, weight loss consultant

A Unique method for Achieving Weight Loss with a Low Impact Workout.

Weight loss and fitness the safe way. Most aerobics have a high degree of impact, putting a dangerous strain on your joints, especially if you are overweight

Cardio Karaticise is the first of the
soft style kung fu based workout routines

Soft yet powerful. Fluid yet strong. A breakthrough in low impact workout programs.

Lose weight safely with our high intensity fat burning cardiovascular workout without high impact motion.

Intense abdominal workouts, A butt exercise that really shapes and tones, a thigh exercise that will make your legs look great, its all here.

Weight loss exercises can be very hard on your body if you are overweight. This is the world's first high intensity aerobic program with very little or no impact.

Get started on your weight loss goals today. Buy it now and unleash the secrets of an ancient Kung Fu in your workout

Why wait, try it today, risk free

You deserve it

Only $19.95

Get Cardio Karaticise on DVD now!

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