As is typical with those with Aspergers Syndrome, Johnny was having trouble socializing. His was constantly frustrated and felt he was being singled out or picked on. He often felt he was being attacked by other children when in most cases they only wanted to play. He had a hard time understanding the difference. His constant outbursts caused him to constantly be in trouble at school.

Through martial arts training Johnny was able to better understand others intent and was able to regulate his outbursts.

We've found that teaching the "Three rules of determining a self defense situation" is highly effective with those with Aspergers syndrome. Since the three rules are black and white thinking those with Asperger's syndrome are remarkably efficient at using them to determine whether someone means them harm. Whereas they have extreme difficulty gauging intent based on interpreting body language and emotion the three rules give them something solid to base their actions on. We've had numerous cases of boys with Asperger's Syndrome who were previously very violent losing all of their violent tendencies with this simple understanding.

Case Studies: