Fibro Fighters

The problem with this subject is that I have too much to say on it, and all of it subjective. I don’t want to ramble on for pages about my own experience, but I don’t want to just let it lie either.

Shun Shifu Weaver has referred several times to anecdotal reports of people with fibromyalgia having strong positive responses to Shou Shu training.

I was/am one of those people.
My brief history: I was a competition hang glider pilot who flew aggressively on many mountain sites in the western united states. Due to the nature of the sport, I crashed a lot. Due to the nature of my body (thin with pathetic small bones) I broke a lot. After about 8 major injuries, I finally decided to quit. Unfortunately, perhaps due to massive physical abuse I had heaped on my body, it was too late. I developed a cascade of symptoms such as multi-focal pain syndrome (used to be called RSD) and fibromyalgia. Fast forward a few years and I am damn near a cripple, struggling with chronic fatigue, bizarre pain, and looking down the barrel of disability. Desperately trying to stay functional, I started exploring Tai Chi classes. I took a series of Tai Chi Chi classes. Not impressed, and it flared the fibro like crazy. Then I walked into a Shou shu based Tai chi class. For me, that is when when my recovery began. Two months later, I started taking Shou Shu. Now, four years later, at the tender age of 46, I am without reservation, in the best physical shape of my life. I have an addiction to punching bags and would sooner train than do just about anything else.

Why? How does that work? Not sure. I have some theories, I have some ideas, but mostly I just have my own experience, which I really consider nothing short of miraculous. If other members feel moved to share their own experiences, either as students or as teachers, I will be glad to throw in my two cents worth.

She Bok Rebecca Lance