Inactive and Obese Youth

Martial arts training can be the key to increasing activity levels in youths with obesity problems. Martial arts are fun and can easily gain the attention of inactive youths and inspire them to exercise more by training in martial arts. Studies have shown the beneficial effects of martial arts training with obese youth [1]

Our programs differ from sports programs in many ways. We are not a sport, we are a discipline and there are fundamental differences. These differences are highly beneficial for youths that do not excel at typical sports programs. Youths that have not found their place in sports almost always find that they excel at our programs. They can be good at something athletic and we feel this greatly enhances their lives.

One of the major differences that really impacts these youths is that fine motor skills are taught. Motions are broken down into such tiny nuances that coordination, balance, and body awareness are actually taught.

The benefits to this group are enormous. Through realizing that they can develop abilities, participants develop self confidence and self esteem. Qualities they probably would not develop in other avenues. Qualities that will greatly enhance their lives.