Not sure what the new research says is why Shou Shu helps, but to me it seems to come from the focus on learning and understanding. Martial Arts (any martial arts) are great for helping people learn to control and deal with PTSD. Shou Shu is very technical in the aspects of rooting and bone alignment. Not to mention muscle control and "becoming one with the beast". Those things alone require alot of focus, that focus by itself will pull the subconcious mind away from the issues that bother a person in their day to day life. Time spent training is time away from the racing thoughts of the past. The developement of muscle memory helps to prevent the undesired reactions from sudden noises and movements. Learning to think like the beast your practicing requires mental disipline that in all honesty will be reflected in self control. Over a long enough period of time, training in Shou Shu will effectively help a person control their thoughts and actions with self disipline that doesn't feel "forced" from an outside source. Wish there were more schools teaching the Art of Shou Shu.

You Nailed it. I cannot speak from the experience of having it but I've seen a lot of people use Shou' Shu' to effectively deal with it and I do believe you have a great understanding of why.

There are of course a number of reasons. A big one is stopping those circular negative thought patterns if even for awhile. Of course there are more conditions than PTSD that can benefit from that.

-Shun Shifu Weaver

Your absolutely right Shun Shifu. There are any number of conditions that could benefit from Shou' Shu'. Most phsycological and emotional conditions are originated from the subconscious. There are of course conditions caused by chemical imbalances but most are not. Medications only "attack" and help the symptoms, not the cause. A person has to remain on medication to feel better and deal with life...thats not a great advancement. Shou Shu helps a person to learn to channel their energy and their thoughts, teaches them how to breath ( breath control helps almost any phsycological or emotional condition) and builds a solid structure in the subconscious to support confidence rather than ego. That type of mental conditioning is far more important than simply "surviving" on medications.