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Build the skills needed for reading and other academics

  • Improve your child's love for learning something new
  • Enhance your child's ability to absorb a new subject and retain the memory
  • Help your child get spectacular grades and catch up to and even surpass their peers

Help your child succeed in school and in life. This system will enhance the natural skills your child has and help him or her tap into their core problems with learning and solve them at their roots

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My husband and I came across The Learning Success System while looking for something we could do to aide our 7-year-old daughter. She was diagnosed with Dyslexia and we needed something that we could do with her that summer. As soon as we started with Liz's program, our daughter had better focus in less than three days. In a bit over two weeks, she would ask for the exercises before she had to read or wanted to write. Eye Saccades is her favorite! I completely recommend this learning system for any child, and the sooner/younger the better.

As a gifted educator (K-12) and beyond, who has been using your programme with my students for months now; I find it helpful, well thought through and find it is logical, pedagogically sound; and can also see that clearly it is largely research-based

Amy's concentration has improved a lot in class. She isn't as easily distracted and can work on tasks for longer periods of time. Her handwriting is also smaller and neater.

My son did the VERY expensive Scientific Learning Brain Pro program. He HATED it. The only thing that kept him doing the exercises was that he was earning his new XBOX one. And even then he complained and tried to avoid it. I was constantly trying to avoid the power struggle. I have NONE of that with your program.

"How your child can overcome dyslexia, develop fantastic reading skills, gain incredible self-confidence, and bring home a report card filled with amazing grades"

Hi, I'm Liz Weaver and I've helped hundreds of children overcome dyslexia.

Not everyone has your child's best interest as their primary concern. Why? Because it's usually not profitable for them.

They might not give you the best advice and here's why:

What the public schools don't tell you

Public schools are not geared to help a child that is having difficulty. And it may not be in the school's best interest to help anyway. Schools get lots of extra funding for remedial classes. So when a child is having a problem they will most likely get placed in these classes. These classes are not designed to fix the problem. Instead, they give remedial work so the child can just pass. It is really no more than just warehousing the kids until they graduate. They are not given a quality education. Schools are required to give an education. They are not required to give a quality education.

What Private schools won't tell you

Expensive private schools are under a lot of pressure for all of their students to be above average. Their reputations depend on it. They get a lot of pressure to put on good appearances. Problems can get covered up instead of fixed.

What the learning centers won't tell you

Learning centers depend on children needing their services. So getting to the core problems might not be as profitable as long-term contracts. Usually what a child needs is strengthening of core learning skills. Instead, they work on academics.

"Working on academics when core learning skills are the problem is like taking your car to the mechanic when what it really needed was some gas in the tank."

Furthermore, developing core learning skills is actually incredibly easy. If you know what to do. Exercises that can easily be done at home in under 15 minutes per day. If parents knew how easy it was it would be very unlikely that they would pay the huge sums of money that learning centers charge.

Jane's Story

This time will be different, Jane thought as she dressed for dinner.

Jane had always dreaded going to the Stevens house for dinner. It wasn't that she didn't like them. She did. Jane and Barbara had been best friends all through college. Their children had been born within a few months of each other. So they had played together since they were toddlers.

The last few years had been a struggle for Jane. Her son Joey was getting further and further behind in school. At first she passed it off as nothing. But when he was in the fourth grade she knew that he had passed that critical stage. That if she didn't find a solution soon he would just continue the downward spiral.

Barbara's son Alex was just the opposite. Everything came easy. He brought home spectacular reports without even trying. It didn't seem fair.

Jane could never enjoy dinner with Barbara. The whole time she though about the dreaded question. Barbara would brag about Alex's accomplishments. He had made honor roll. And then Dean's list. Jane couldn't bear to listen to it. She knew that the discussion would lead to Joey. Or worse yet. The subject would be knowingly avoided.

Knowing it was coming made the whole evening unpleasant.

But this evening Jane dressed with pleasure. She put on her favorite dress and her best jewelry. She carefully applied her makeup. Because tonight she would get to brag. And it felt incredible. After all those struggles and all those uncomfortable moments she was to have her day.

Joey had earned his first A. Plus he had several B's to go with it. Huge leaps from his former D's and F's. Jane had reason to gloat and she planned on it. She even knew how she was going to do it. She was going to let the normal conversation run it's course. Nothing different. Until it was time.

Jane had tried to help Joey in every way possible. Special tutors, extra hours at home, helping him with homework, special learning centers. Nothing helped. Not until she found a better way. Once she found it things changed. Joey started "getting it". His confidence grew and the good grades folowed. Jane knew he was on the path to success.

And the biggest thing was Joey knew it too. All of a sudden he liked school. Jane looked forward to no longer having to fight with him about homework. She looked forward to dinners with the Stevens family again.

All because she learned how to help Joey build up the core foundations of learning.

If you have been confused about how to help your child overcome a learning difficulty it's not your fault. Public schools, learning centers, and even expensive private schools do not give you the advice you need. The programs that are available are so expensive most people would need a second mortgage to pay for them. There's no reason for that because it's simply not that hard. It does not take years of training or any special training. They just don't want you to know that.

The information has just never been available. Until now.

“It was so good to finally find the core problems!”

~Kim Scott, Graham Island New Zealand

There is no reason for your child to suffer for another day.

Having problems in school can be just devastating for a child. If they get pulled out of class to go to their "special" class all the kids know. Your child knows that they know. This can lead to teasing and social problems. It may lead to behavior problems or depression. It always leads to lowered self-esteem.

Instead you can get them onto the path of success. By building up the core learning skills your child will improve little by litle. Day by day they will gain confidence. Step by step they will become better learners. The Learning Success Program is truly success made simple. Simple exercises your child can do at home that strengthen the skills necessary for learning.

Kids Actually Love to Learn.

Learning is a fundamental desire for everyone. We are programmed to enjoy it. That is, unless the learning experience becomes painful. When a child has been through the wringer they become afraid. Afraid of disappointing you. Afraid of looking stupid. Afraid others will not accept them.

These fears build up into anxieties. Have you ever had an extreme anxiety? Do you remember what that feels like? Well that's how a child can feel when school work is even mentioned. their anxieties build up to such extremes that they'll do anything to avoid it.

You can take that anxiety away. The learning success program is designed to take the child through very small steps. Each tiny step builds confidence. Slowly leading them out of the abyss of fear and anxiety into a new found confidence. A confidence they will have for the rest of their life.

Did you know that you may be the only person in the world that can help your child overcome a learning problem?

That's right. Not only are you the person with your child's best interest at heart, you are also the person your child wants to please. If they think they may disappoint you that can be very scary for them. On the other hand if they can impress you they feel very good about themselves.

So the trick is to set them up for success. Give them small tasks that challenge just a little but don't overwhelm. You will help them feel good about their successes. All those little successes add up to big successes.

Pretty soon your child will become a new person.

Bypass Your Child's Fear Triggers

There is actually some very amazing brain science behind the process of taking these tiny steps. If a goal seems too large it actually activates the amygdala. The amygdala is like a lookout. Always looking for danger. When it is triggered it takes over. It shuts down the cortex, the thinking part of the brain. It raises the blood pressure and triggers an adrenalin release. Access to the cortex, the thinking brain, is restricted to a minimum. It actually steals the blood energy needed to think clearly. A child in this state actually can't think.

This is called an amygdala hijack and you'll want to avoid it at all costs. Because no one can think during an amygdala hijack.

Small, easy exercises let you tiptoe around the amygdala and not wake it up. Until one day when those goals don't seem so big and scary anymore. When that happens the amygdala settles down. It's no longer so reactive.

That's why we are so big on breaking things down. Because by doing so you avoid the amygdala hijack and let the thinking part of the brain work.

Slow and steady wins the race.

The Brain is a Magic Thing

Have you ever heard of Neuroplasticity? Well up until recently no one else had either. It's a pretty new discovery in neuroscience.

Neuroplasticity is what gives the brain the ability to grow and adapt. To develop new skills. To actually develop new abilities. In a way, it allows you to have a new brain. A brain that is better, smarter, and with more skills.

Science and Ancient Knowledge Unite

Science has just discovered this but the truth is that the ancients have known this for millenia. The exercises that cause neuroplasticity are called cross lateral exercises. Meaning they cross the bodies midline. And these exercises have been practiced in certain forms of Kung Fu for thousands of years.

The learning success program includes these exercises. Just the ones you need. It breaks them down step by step so they are super easy to learn. Do these a couple minutes each day and you will see big changes.

In the first of these exercises we stabilize the eyes and develop stronger eye muscles. This one little thing is critical for dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. Without the ability to stabilze the eyes the letters jump all over the page. So do numbers. Can you imagine how hard it would be to read or do math if all the letters or numbers jumped around?

It's really one of the easiest things you can do and has very fast results. That's why we include lots of exercises to both stabilize the eyes and develop strong eye muscles.

Supercharge Your Child's Brain

The mind body exercises included in the learning Success program actually supercharge the brain. It's these unique mind body exercises, taken from a very ancient and rare form of Kung Fu, that actually cause new neurons to form.

These exercises can actually cause the brain to grow up to 2,000 new neurons a day. Sinc each neuron can have 10,000 connections that's a lot of new processing power

You actually upgrade your child's brain. With this amazing upgrade, learning becomes easier. The core learning skills will develop faster. With the core learning skills in place academics then become easy.

And there's actually a bonus here. When you do these exercises you actually build up the hippocampus. The hippocampus plays a part in learning and memory. When the hippocampus grows the amygdala shrinks. there is an inverse relationship between the two.

So less reacting and more learning.

The Core Learning Skills

In addition to supercharging the brain the program develops these core learning skills:

  • Visual tracking – this is the ability to look at something and follow it as it moves. This is needed for a reader to be able to follow a line of print without losing their spot.
  • Visual memory – this allows us to remember things that we have seen moments before. Playing memory games can help children with this skill.
  • Visual closure – this allows our brain to close up, or picture a whole image even if it is not all there. For example, if a circle is almost closed, our brain will close it for us, if we see a house with half a window, it will draw one in for us. This will help the reader recognize sight words and read a whole word without having to read every letter.
  • Visual discrimination – this lets us see differences between two things that are similar. This helps us from being confused when we see “was and saw”, that we can tell the two words apart.
  • Visual form constancy – this is the ability to mentally turn objects, so they can distinguish difference in shape and size an orientation. This is needed to help children not reverse letters and numbers.
  • Auditory memory – this is the ability to hear information, store it in your mind and be able to recall it later. Without a good auditory memory students may have a hard time remembering words and sounds that they heard.
  • Working memory – this is the ability to use your memory to store information and use it at the same time, information comes in you and you process it and store it at the same time. It allows you to plan ahead, solve problems and pay attention.
  • Directionality – this is when you incorporate up down, behind and ahead into your learning. If the students do not have directionality they will have difficulty discerning d from b or p and q.
  • Eye hand coordination – your eyes send split second information to your brain about what it sees; if hand eye coordination is weak, it makes it more difficult to read.
  • Auditory Closure – this is the ability to decode a word after only hearing part of the word. If you hear breakf… you should be able to decode the word is breakfast.
  • Auditory discrimination – this is the brain’s ability to hear a sound and distinguish it from other sounds, organize the sounds and make sense of them. They may have difficulty with background noise, although there is nothing wrong with their hearing.

Don't let the technical terms fool you. All these skills are easy to understand and develop. The Learning Success Program will cover each of these skills very thoroughly. Developing the core learning skills needed for success in school.

Homework Becomes Easier

How would life feel if homework battles went away? If grades soared and there was no more fighting over schoolwork? Take a moment and imagine how that will feel.

  • No more time wasted fighting over homework
  • Happier kids with better grades
  • Take back control of your life

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive learning centers. Centers that often don't even work. You don't have to try to get help from a school system that is so overloaded they can't help. You can easily work with your child at home. In only 15-20 minutes per day you'll help your child overcome their learning difficulty. Parents are the best at this anyway. There is no one who knows your child better than you. That means with the right tools you will quickly get to the core of the program.

This program is the first step in getting your child back on track.

The Learning Success Program

The learning success program is a simple do-at-home program that will show you how to find the core problems and overcome them. Learning is made up of basic core skills. There are 16 of them in all. Typical learning difficulties are small weaknesses in a combination of two or three of these skills. Learning difficulties are categorized under a variety of names such as:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Dysgraphia

Each of these terms simply means that there is a weakness in two or more of these basic learning skills. But it doesn't define which. Once you get started in the course you'll quickly find the trouble spots. Once you do that your child will be on the path to learning success. You will learn simple exercises that strengthen the skills needed for successful learning. Modern scientific breakthroughs have discovered a number of methods for overcoming these problems. Once you do your child will actually enjoy homework.

“I GREATLY appreciate the program!!! We have tried other things, but none gave us the immediate success that your program has! One child says they NEED to start their home school day with the exercises, since it makes her other work easier.”
~Lynn Winkler, Hazen ND

Here's What Will Happen Once You Order

As soon as you order you will be directed to the preparation page. This is the page that tells you how to get ready to start the program. It will list all the things you'll need handy. Don't worry these are all very simple little things, many of which you probably already have around the house. You'll just want to get them organized and ready to go.

The next morning you will receive your first exercise. It will be sent by email. You'll simply print it out, read the very simple instructions, and instruct your child how to do the exercise.

You will then continue to receive exercises by email. This will build up a repertoire of exercises you will do each day. As your child gets more comfortable with them you will build up to doing four to seven exercises each day. Each one taking only a few minutes. As the beginning exercises become less challenging you will switch them out with the new, slightly more challenging exercises. I will be sending you new exercises on a regular basis so you are sure to have enough.

This allows you to adjust the program perfectly for your child. I'll teach you how to do that so that you have a program perfectly created for your child. A perfect custom fit created by you.

But that's not all. Because all learning difficulties are different I want to throw in these bonuses. So if your child has difficulties in other areas I've got you covered.

Bonus 1 - Exercises that really focus on the fundamental skills needed for reading These exercises focus on the problems associated with dyslexia. Children learn to track better with their eyes and still the letters on the page. They'll master the letters like q's and p's or b's and d's that give them the most trouble. A must for any child with symptoms of dyslexia.

Bonus 2 - Dyscalculia exercises. If math is a problem then these exercises will set your child on the path to math success. Dyscalculia is a lot like dyslexia only more about numbers than letters. These exercises help your child build the skills necessary to overcome dyscalculia symptoms

Bonus 3 - Handwriting (dysgraphia) exercises. Most kids with learning difficulties need to build stronger fine motor skills. When they don't have these skills handwriting suffers. Handwriting is actually one of the most important things to start with. This is where the earliest success will happen. So start here and give your child some successes they can build on.

Bonus 4 - Unlimited Email Support As easy as our program is I still want to make sure you get all the help you get. So if you have any questions at all I'm just an email away. You have a partner in this.

“My daughter has responded very well to the activities. She's improving and we're so excited. I am so thankful that we found this program! We will make sure to refer other parents who might benefit.”
~Jennifer Young, Gig Harbor Wa

Free 15 day trial

If it's not right for you simply cancel and pay nothing. Two convenient payment options. $49 a month or pay yearly and save!

I can't wait to see you on the path to success.

Learning Success

It's important that you get started now. TODAY! You don't want your child to suffer another day. Get your child on the path to getting great grades and success in school.

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I can't wait to see your child on the path to success.

Liz Weaver

Learning Success

P.S. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

P.S. The price you pay for the Learning Success course includes unlimited email support and 3 free gifts. I challenge you to find anyone else, anywhere, who can equal this incredible offer.

  • He is doing grade level work now. I am very happy. The teacher says he is doing great! He was having problems with his reading but he is doing very good now. I thought it really helped him. The tutor said she can't see dyslexia traits anymore. He's reading and he is geting what he is reading. I'm so happy I found this program
    ~Arlene Zimmerman, East Earl Pennsylvania

    “My daughter has responded very well to the activities. She's improving and we're so excited. I am so thankful that we found this program! We will make sure to refer other parents who might benefit.”

    ~Jennifer Young, Gig Harbor Wa

    “It was so good to finally find the core problems!”

    ~Kim Scott, Te Awamutu New Zealand
  • “I GREATLY appreciate the program!!! We have tried other things, but none gave us the immediate success that your program has! One child says they NEED to start their home school day with the exercises, since it makes her other work easier.”

    ~Lynn Winkler, Hazen North Dakota

    My son did the VERY expensive Scientific Learning Brain Pro program. He HATED it. The only thing that kept him doing the exercises was that he was earning his new XBOX one. And even then he complained and tried to avoid it. I was constantly trying to avoid the power struggle. I have NONE of that with your program.
    He seems to be improving on his ability to hold patterns in his mind and reproduce them. He is silent reading much more in the last 2 weeks. He commented that he is "reading in his mind really fast right now."
    He works much more independently. He is starting activities on his own and then asking for help only when he needs it. Whereas in the past, I would read all instructions and go over each assignment or activity before he began. He does seem to be processing instructions better.

    ~Diane Kasterko Reno Nevada
  • My daughter has never completed her homework without me telling (begging, pleading, etc.) her to. Yesterday, she was doing her homework, without me even asking. She said, "I finished my homework. You can check it when we get home." I was shocked and thrilled, especially when I checked it and saw it was all done correctly! Progress...YES! School work - Yes. Her school work has been better overall. We still are still struggling with spelling and handwriting but even that seems to be improving. :)

    ~Julie Callison Monticello Arkansas

    Amy's concentration has improved a lot in class. She isn't as easily distracted and can work on tasks for longer periods of time. Her handwriting is also smaller and neater.
    Her mathematics ability still has a long way to go and her spelling is still a problem but it too has improved.
    There was a marked improvement in her ability to do the Learning Success tasks and she could see the improvement which was fantastic. We especially like the Geo shapes and memory dot ones. Amy became very good at those and was always very good at the circling shapes ones where you don't take your pen off the paper (I am hopeless at those!).
    The program was very easy to implement and I told a number of friends about it who are also experiencing learning difficulties with their children. For one term last year I organized with Amy's teacher that Learning Success was her only homework. Amy always enjoyed doing it. If homework is too much for her this year I will be speaking to Amy's teacher to make it her only homework again.
    Di Parker, Sydney Australia