Learning Disabilities

Shou' Shu' has a lot of elements that are highly beneficial for those suffering from a variety of learning disabilities. Of special note is the large amount of cross lateral motions present in Shou' Shu'. Cross lateral motions have been shown to link the brain hemispheres and help them work in conjunction [1]. Many educational therapy techniques include cross lateral motions and sensorimotor exercises to enhance learning ability[2]. Shou' Shu' is fun to learn and naturally beneficial for learning ability.

Skill development in Shou' Shu' also develops body awareness and proprioception. Both of which can be typical co-morbid conditions with a variety of learning problems. In addition recent studies show that exercise promotes new neural growth[3]. New neural networks are formed when exercise is combined with learning as is done in Shou' Shu' classes. While there is a large range of learning problems many can find a great deal of from Shou' Shu' training.