Our Mission

Our mission is both simple and self-sustaining. It is to:

Improve the lives of the populations that we can most help while at the same time preserving the art of Shou' Shu'

Over the decades that we have taught Shou' Shu' and probably over the millennia that our predecessors have taught the art, we have recognized that Shou' Shu' is an extremely efficient vehicle for personal development. It mirrors the struggles of life and therefore creates an opportunity for us to work on our own reactions to those struggles. Since our own reactions are the only thing within our control mastering these is the path to improving our positions in life.

"Blessed is the boy who got off to a rough start" ~Andrew Carnegie

For those individuals that got a rough start in life, there is often a strong desire to change their position in life. This strong desire can be the fuel for change if shown the tools of change. So it is with these individuals that we focus our efforts. When we do decide to take in one of these individuals for personal training, which is also personal mentoring, we dedicate a large amount of time and resources to that individual. This is because that individual has a strong possibility of not only improving themselves but also in going on to mentor others. In other words, once they realize the change in themselves they develop the gratitude that the art exists and also the passion to use it as a tool to help others.

For this reason, we focus our energies. Focused energy produces long-lasting results.

For more information on our target beneficiaries see "Who We Help"