Violence Prevention In The Individual

The majority of violence perpetrated on individuals is caused by feelings of isolation, depression, perceived persecution, and negative social influences in the perpetrator. The Sheng Chi Foundation seeks to eliminate these foundational causes in its beneficiaries as well as instilling more positive emotions and thinking patterns. We do this through the rigorous training of a particular form of training called Shou' Shu'.

Definition of Violence

Violence can be directed towards the self or towards others.

We determine violence towards the self to include suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, self-mutilation, and negative social behaviors which isolate the individual and cause further exacerbation of the condition.

We determine violence towards others to be heinous crimes such as school shootings, bullying, violent attacks, and anti-social behavior.

Of course, most violent acts would actually fit into both of these categories.

Although we cannot prove it, obviously one cannot prove a thing has been prevented, we feel that over the years we have prevented many terrible things. Our belief stems from our observance of the changes in our beneficiaries. So many individuals have completely changed the direction of their lives through our training and mentoring combined with their own efforts and desire to benefit themselves.

How Does the Sheng Chi Prevent Violence?

We prevent violence through the personal development of and self-actualization of the individuals who are our beneficiaries.

Our art, Shou' Shu' is an amazing vehicle for doing this. The reasons are myriad. We hope to convey them through this website. Each reason is individually covered in the pages listed below. It is a comprehensive subject that has taken us decades to uncover the inner workings of why it works. We hope you will take the time to investigate these pages yourself to better understand. Or better yet, train in Shou' Shu' and enjoy the experience and benefits yourself.