We operate both local programs and online programs. Serving both our local communities and students all over the world who wish to train.

In order to avoid spending our time being a fundraising machine, we choose to self-fund our initiatives. We do this by offering paid seminars, online classes, and information products.

We do this for two reasons.

1) Many nonprofits spend the majority of their efforts fundraising. This causes much of the donated funds to be spent on more advertising, to generate more funds. It becomes little more than an advertising machine that spends a very small percentage on the mission. We spend all of our time on the mission.

2) Donations are very competitive and typically go to the causes that are very simple to explain. Fully understanding how what we do works takes years of actual training with us. We strive to describe it as well as possible through this website so those who have not trained can get an overview and logical understanding. Nut true understanding only comes through experiencing it.

We do have a few initiatives that generate funds which we then use to carry out our mission.

They are: