Response to Fibro Fighters

thanks for posting this Rebecca. I've seen so many people with miraculous recoveries like yours. Don't know exactly why but also have done a lot of research and some of the more cutting edge research points to some theories.

Strangely PTSD and fibromyalgia seem to be very related. Both due in some way to trauma. Ussually mental trauma but sometimes physical. This was sent to me by Mr. McConnell, one of my black preps who commutes here from Humbolt

Dear Shun Shifu Weaver, I just finished a College Psych class in Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at Mendocino College. The instructor was talking about treatment and mentioned the favored regime is generally known as "body oriented" treatment. I was recalling your efforts a few months ago in attempting to recruit and offer kung fu classes to combat vets. I think across the board shou shu would benefit domestic violence and sexual assault victims as well. Physcologists mentioned in my class that might support this idea are Peter Levine, M.D. and Janina Fisher, Ph.D. The class instructor commented that treatment that involved tai chi, yoga, and dance are the wave of the future. Once again, you are right on!