What is the Sheng Chi Foundation?

The Sheng Chi Foundation was formed this year to fill an ongoing health need in our community.

We Address the following issues:

  • At-Risk Youth
  • Obese Youth
  • PTSD
  • Senior citizen fitness
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Addiction Recovery

We believe all of these issues can be aided through training in Shou' Shu' or Tai Chi / Chi Kung or a combination of the two.

Over the last thirty years there has been over fifty-five studies done on the physical and mental benefits of quality martial arts practice.

Physically the results showed;

  • lowered blood pressure
  • improved immune system function
  • improved balance
  • stress reduction


  • Substantial reduction in anxiety
  • Substantial reduction in hostility
  • Improvement in the ability to focus
  • Concentration
  • Self confidence
  • Self discipline
  • Self esteem
  • Ability to manage stress

  • On a regular basis we see children and adults transformed in various ways through our programs. Introverts become more outgoing. Children with low self-confidence grow into confident individuals allowing their personalities to blossom. Bullies learn respect and rid themselves of the self-esteem issues, which cause them to lash out as bullies. Children with learning disabilities learn focus and learn how to excel in their scholastic studies. Adults with stress issues and health issues learn to manage those issues. Veterans with PTSD are able to lessen their symptoms. People in general become stronger and more productive in their lives.

    Obviously there is a need. The Valley Springs area is full of youth’s without direction and others who can benefit. As our community grows it is unlikely that this need will diminish. The goal of the Sheng Chi Foundation will be to meet these needs. Changing the life direction of just one person is a very worthwhile endeavor.

    If you are interested in supporting the Sheng Chi Foundation and it's efforts please contact us. We are a California Public Non-Profit Corporation. Your generous support will go directly to helping members of our community.

    Elizabeth Weaver - Executive Director